Catalog of Russian coins 1700-1917


Russian coins catalog is a multipurpose tool that would be useful for collectors, treasure hunters and traders engaged in russian numismatics. With the help of our portal users will are able to define approximate value of the coin they’re interested in. The prices of the Russian coins as well as the coins of other countries are formed at the auctions. The official dates of the public and internet auctions are registered in the catalog. All the coins are separated according to the Governors, dates, types and varieties. The purpose of the catalog is accumulation and presentation of the information on the coin sales. The catalog data and pictures come from the official sources. If you can not define the price yourself, our experts will be able to perform evaluation using the picture or in the office. We hope that our portal will become a useful tool to orientate on the Imperial Russian coins market. The links to upcoming and completed numismatic auctions where the Russian coins are being sold are published at the main page of our portal.